The Great Unravel / CD
The Great Unravel / CD

Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams third studio album, "THE GREAT UNRAVEL" has their trademark 'punk-classical hillbilly-floyd' brand of folk-rock, with a hefty dose of sixties psychedelia running through it all. (ie: The Great Unravel, Pushin' Up Daisies, Clear Channel, Summer's Day) Not wanting to neglect their Celtic roots, the band called on renowned uilleann pipemaker Seth Gallagher, (who recently joined The Chieftains for a few tunes at Carnegie Hall and builds pipes for the luminaries of traditional Celtic music). His playing adds a supernatural dimension to the album's hauntingly beautiful love song, 'Tink'...
Release Date: 2008

A few preview tracks:

Electronic Press Kit

The universe is permeated by a network of filaments, sheets, strings, knots, and notes collectively forming a 'cosmic web.' The 'Great Unravel' of this cosmic web, especially through its signature of the absorption of musical light from distant sources by neutral hydrogen in the intergalactic medium, exemplifies the interplay between theory and experiment that drives science, and is one of the great examples in which musical simulations have played a key and decisive role. Unravelling our understanding of cosmic structure, surveying its impact on astronomy, cosmology, and physics, we look ahead by outlining the challenges faced as we prepare to play the cosmic web at new wavelengths.

Track List:

1. Desire
2. Pushin' Up Daisies
3. Julia
4. Tink (I Know It's you)
5. Clear Channel
6. Summer's Day
7. The Great Unravel
8. Picture
9. Bobby's Kinda Dumb
10. Everyone Has A Broken Heart
11. Light A Way
12. Forever And A Day Like This
13.* Nanniwan

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