Flapjacks From The Sky / Live Concert DVD
Flapjacks From The Sky / Live Concert DVD

"Flapjacks From The Sky" Concert DVD - Live at The Depot Theatre
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Beautifully filmed concert DVD shot over 2 nights at The Depot Theatre in the Hudson Highlands of New York. Features all 21 songs on the 'Flapjacks' album. Crowd pleasing favorites "Alice In Space" and "The Yodel Song" are also included. Includes a short film of out-takes shot during the building of the 'Flapjacks' set and up 'til the band hits the stage. 2 discs.
Release Date: 2008

Track List:

disc 1:
1. Rocket
2. Sunday in the Rain
3. Kiss from Eve
4. Moondog House
5. Baby Jane
6. I Wish
7. Better Life
8. Living with God
9. Talkin' to The Buddha
10. Big 8 Wheeler

disc 2:
1. Jump Rope
2. Bike
3. Glide
4. Gonna Get Up
5. Her Own World
6. Sullivan Lane
7. Look Ma No Hands
8. Fumes
9. Call to the Mystic
10. Flapjacks from the Sky
11. In the Nightime

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